Worldbox XML Schema


In the following pages you will find descriptions of the data available for company information on all companies in the Worldbox Databases

The data structures are the same for all countries


Each XML version stays for a fixed data structure in the header of each xml the attribute 'release' will show on which XML release version the file is based on.

  • Management documentation is completly seperated by xml versions
  • Detail / Technical / Implementing documentation is using a changelog, where all version changes will be listed.


The data is grouped in main sections which are summarised below:- 

Identification :

Name and address, with communications information

Profile :

Line of business text and NACE Code, sales and employee counts, bankers


Names and titles of Directors and Management

Company Register:

Registered number, name and address, share capital


If a company is quoted, the exchanges where it is quoted, stock exchange codes


Registered ownership, plus subsidiaries and percentage ownership

Credit Rating :

The Worldbox Credit Rating - where a company has been researched - the latest credit rating available and the maximum credit amount

The explanation of the credit ratings is available - please ask at